Furious Congress prepares to contest in all seats in UP

A day after the SP and BSP reached an agreement to contest in the upcoming general election together in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the Congress, which is evidently unhappy with the rejection it faced from the SP-BSP coalition, has decided to contest in all eighty seats in the state by its own strength.

The grand old party has not hesitated to indirectly admit that it was the rejection it faced from the new SP-BSP coalition prompted it to adopt this measure.

Meanwhile, the party has clearly indicated that its decision was not final and it could be re-looked at any moment.

A political observer says that the SP-BSP coalition, which reached an informal seat sharing agreement offering nearly 38 each out of 80 seats for the SP and BSP, is not willing to give anything more than two seats –Raebareli and Amethi- to the Congress in the upcoming general election.

The observer adds that naturally the development has shocked the grand old party, which has even in its weirdest dream never ever expected that these two regional parties could reach an agreement with each other without its positive mediation.

The SP-BSP coalition is of the hope that even the active workers of national parties will join them due to their desperation for good and stable governance. So, it is less likely to make too many compromises in the stand they adopted for the election.

Anyway, in the wake of these developments, the congress is expected to carry out aggressive campaign across the state. As part of the campaign, Congress president Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to address as many as thirteen public meetings.

Another political expert warns that if the Congress and the SP-BSP coalition approaches the UP electorate separately in the upcoming general election it may be easier for the ruling to confuse the electorate and turn that situation in its favour.


Vignesh. S. G

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