German IS woman militant allegedly let a 5-year-old die of thirst

A German lady, who allegedly worked for the infamous terrorist organisation Islamic State, has been booked in her home country in connection with war crimes.

It is alleged that she mercilessly let a child die of thirst, during her days in the IS-controlled Mosul, in the year 2015. It is said that the girl was brought by she and her husband from the IS slave market. As per the case, it is her husband who tied the child in the scorching sunlight in order to kill her. The case against her is that she did not do anything to save the child who was chained in the scorching sunlight.

It is one of the most brutal cases registered in the German court in connection with the war crimes. If this case is proved, the lady may get at least lifetime imprisonment.

In the social media platforms, many people have commented about the news. Most opine that the lady does not deserve any mercy. They have urged the court to give maximum punishment to the lady.

She was first arrested when she visited the German embassy in Turkey to renew her identify details. Then, a similar case was charged against her. But, the lady was later let off in that case due to the lack of evidence.

Actually, it was a couple of months before that the lady was rearrested. It was when she tried to travel to Syria again.

Since then, she has been in the custody of the German authorities. She is likely to stay there until the final verdict of the case is announced.


Vignesh. S. G

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