Global left criticises US for developments in Bolivia

The Latin American country of Bolivia has witnessed the ouster of its long term leader, Evo Morales, from the seat of power recently. There are lot of people who consider the ouster as natural. But, as every coin has two sides, some are also there of the view that the ouster is a coup. Interestingly, those with that opinion are mostly leftists. This is not a mere coincidence.

To understand it clearly, it is needed to go through the politics of Mr. Morales. The ousted Latin American leader is one of the most prominent Socialist leaders in that part of the world.

Considering the aforesaid fact, it is needless to say why the global left is too worried about the ouster of Mr. Morales.

What they purposefully ignore is the clean fact that the ex-Bolivian President is accused of misusing the political authority to undermine the latest democratic election.

It is unfair to oppose a natural political action against a political leader, who is accused of a crime as serious as that of election fraud, only because he/she shares a different political view than that of those who oppose him/her.

That mistake is exactly what the global left now does.

Meanwhile, it is also incorrect to collude against a legitimately elected leader with the help of global powers, only because his/her popularity among his/her electorate stays untainted despite the completion of a west-funded campaign against him/her.

What is the relation between this ouster and Lithium will be discussed in the future articles. Patiently wait for that revelation!

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