Govt’s decision to empower central agencies to intrude into cyberspace challenged in Supreme Court

The central government’s controversial decision to empower the central agencies such as the CBI and NIA to introduce into the country’s cyberspace has been strongly challenged in the top court of the country. It is advocate Manohar Lal Sharma who has failed the Public Interest Litigation against the controversial move in the Supreme Court. The petition filed by the advocated has requested that the controversial decision must be quashed by the top court.

The decision, publicised a couple of days ago, has invited serious criticism against the central government. Many consider it as an effort to turn the country into a police state or a surveillance state.

It is the Ministry of Home Affairs that released the statement initially a couple of days ago. It remains unclear why the central government implemented this decision hastily.

There are allegations that it is the fear of failure that had caught the saffron camp due to its recent failure in the assembly elections in the Hindi heartland prompted the central government led by the BJP to take the action to bring all computers under their indirect watch.

However, the BJP has denounced those allegations. A BJP leader alleges that it was the Congress Party that initially proposed and articulated the surveillance proposal.


Vignesh. S. G

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