Gun spills blood in US school once again

Once again, gun has become the reason for the death of school students in the United States, reviving discussions on whether a stricter gun policy should be brought in.

Today, around two teenage students, both aged between 14 and 16, has been shot to death by a gunman at a secondary school in California.

Several other students have also been injured in the attack. The injured have been taken to the nearby hospitals.

The condition of none is serious. Most of the injured students have already sustained their injuries.

Meanwhile, the heath condition of the gunman, who has shot himself post the violent action, has moved from bad to worse.

The majority of those in the school at the time the incident have occurred have not yet recovered from the shock that the incident has inflicted on them.

Many of them have found the incident disturbing to recount.

This is not the first time a US school has witnessed this kind of crime. In the recent past also, several school shooting incidents have reported in the country.

It is unfortunate that the country has learned nothing from the incidents.

There are many reasons to believe that it is the gun lobbies in the country that make it difficult for its government to bring some reasonable changes – capable to address the issues like the issue of school shooting – to the country’s gun law.

Whatever may be the reason! By not bringing the said reasonable restrictions on the country’s gun law, it is mocking its people only. It is the US – clearly, its future generation – is what they stand at the losing end.

It is a well known fact that the gun lobbies in the country are very powerful force. The lobbies have the strength of finance.

The political parties in the US rely on these lobbies for funds hugely. It is a undisputed reality the party that rules the US is not different in that case.

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