Hillary Clinton raises serious allegation against Tulsi Gabbard

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has raised a serious allegation against Tulsi Gabbard.

Mrs. Clinton said that Russia might support a democratic leader to become the third contester in the upcoming US election to split the liberal votes in favour of Donald Trump.

Even though she has not mentioned the name of the possible third contester, there are many reasons to believe that his fingers are pointed towards Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii congresswoman who is a former army veteran.

Ms. Gabbard has strongly denounced the argument. Also, she has dared the former Secretary of State to enter the upcoming presidential election.

She alleged that Mrs. Clinton was hiding behind her proxy.

The serious allegation Mrs. Clinton has made against her party colleague may prompt many democrats to turn against her.

The wife of the former President is not in the election fray this time.

Last time, she lost to her Republican rival, Donald Trump, who is the present President of the US and the present candidate of the Republicans for the upcoming election.

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