Icelanders express strong disapproval against those MPs who have mocked disabled ex-MP

Hundreds of people have gathered near the Iceland parliament to express their strong disapproval against the lawmakers who has mocked a disabled ex-lawmaker Freyja Haraldsdottir, who is the most popular disable rights activist.

It is the voice clip that has been recorded secretly by an unknown person that has exposed the attitude of the lawmakers towards the disabled ex-lawmakers –in larger picture, towards women.

Those gathered to protest against the lawmakers have demanded their resignation. The protesters have claimed that the voice clip has shocked them.

A disable rights activist has alleged that it might be this attitude of the lawmakers towards the disabled persons that has kept the disability benefit far less than the unemployment benefit so far.

Ms Freyja has said that some affected MPs have expressed their apology personally. She has also added that most of them have tried to explain their act than to express their apology.

From her words, it is clear that she is not happy with the way the MPs have acted, though she has not expressed her anger against the MPs in harsh words.

The shocking fact is that while explaining their act through a statement the MPs have not tried to repent, but even tried to justify their act on the flimsy ground that their private conversation has been illegally tapped.


Vignesh. S. G

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