Impeachment inquiry chief likens Trump’s Ukraine pressure tactics to Nixon’s Watergate

Adam Schiff, the head of the Congressional Impeachment Inquiry committee, has likened US President Donald Trump’s alleged effort to impose pressure over Ukraine to launch an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden, to former US President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal – which led to his eventual resignation.

Mr. Schiff said that Mr. Trump’s action was much worse than the widely criticised action of Richard Nixon.

What that gives additional strength to his statement is the testimonies given by several high profile officials before the inquiry committee against the President recently.

Lately, several US officials aware of the wrongdoing committed by the President in the Ukraine issue testified against the US Supremo before the committee.

Like what happened with the Watergate scandal to Mr. Nixon, the popularity of Mr. Trump has also plummeted severely due to the testimonies given by the officials.

Like what Mr. Nixon did, Mr. Trump has also ventured into a sustainability program to defend his seat of power.

Anyway, there is a clear warning in Mr. Schiff’s statement; what he attempts to say indirectly is that Mr. Trump may very soon face Mr. Nixon’s fate if the things progress in this direction in this way.

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