In India, #MeToo not that encouraged

The unfortunate experiences some #MeToo participants in India have gone through forces many to assume that in this country this campaign is not that encouraged as much as how it has been promoted elsewhere in the world.

This campaign is designed to empower women. The participants of this campaign try to overcome their biggest trauma by revealing it in the public forum.

Here, in contrary to what is seen elsewhere, the actual fear starts when this is done. Here, those who are directly affected by the revelation, and to an extent even the community to which the trauma is shared, star hunting the revealers since the moment they share the experience in the forum.

It is important to understand most who share their most traumatic experience in the forum are not interested to take the issue to the judicial system. They are there to drop their trauma or fear or to leave their fear or trauma.

In most occasions, it is the, so called, social media community that provokes many victims comes to the form just to drop their trauma to reveal the identities of their perpetrators.

Actually, if the community is not satisfied by the way that a victim has expressed her traumatic experience, that is its problem not the victims.

Today, a renowned South Indian singer and dubbing artist has sadly informed the representatives of a popular daily that her career has been affected adversely by the revelation she made against her colleague through the #MeToo forum.

Actually, when she initially made the revelation she named none. But, it was the, so called, responsible social media community that prompted her to reveal the identity of her perpetrator. Later, she was even defamed by the very community which asked her for that identity.

Now, she has been left with no option but to fight the crisis alone. From her words, it is clear that she is not happy with the way her industry, in a larger perspective her society, reached after her attempt to empower herself through the first platform ever created to absorb the depressing state of trauma.

It is high time to create a legal framework to protect those who want to utilise the #MeToo platform to dissolve the fear or the biggest trauma they carry.

Don’t let this platform sink unnaturally.



Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright