India fails its woman population: International Report

A report published in an acclaimed International magazine alleges that India has failed its woman population, citing the the fact that the female employment rate in the country has dropped significantly in the recent years.

It is true that nowadays more women have access to education. Importantly, the total number of female graduates in the country at present is much higher than the total number of woman graduates a ten or twenty years ago.

But, the sad reality, which is also pointed out by the magazine report, is that the educated women are less likely to absorb into the country’s job market than the uneducated. The report justifies its argument by projecting the fact that the female employment has somehow become a part of the prestige or social status of a family. As per the report, a certain class of Indian families, where women have all necessary resources and backup supports to pursue the expensive and time-consuming path of high education, offers less support to their women when it comes to the case of jobs. According to the report, such class of families agree that women deserve education, but disagree that they should be allowed to pursue their career path.

The fact is that the urban middle class and rural upper class are the main social sections which fall other this new class.

A study says that if India manages to absorb our education women into our workforce, it would give a major boost to our economy.

Women! It’s your turn! Change should start from the base and must reach the top!


Vignesh. S. G

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