India needs to give more attention in DTP vaccination program, indicates WHO report

A latest report released by the World Health Organisation indicates that India needs to give more attention in the Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis vaccination program.

As per the organisation’s report, India is one among the ten countries where more than sixty per cent of the total 19.9 million unvaccinated children lives.

Apart from India, Angola, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Nigeria, Iraq, South Africa and Pakistan are the other nine countries, which need to give more attention in the vaccination program.

The triple vaccination of the DTP program is very important vaccination program conducted across the world. It is administrated in children to eradicate the threat posed by the fatal diseases of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis in the world.

Most of the countries where the DTP vaccination program is not properly implemented are those which are distorted by war or similar conditions.

Unfortunately, India falls under the category of countries which fail to implement the program completely despite the existence of all favourable conditions.

Expert says that it is the rapidly growing population and the lack of awareness among the economically backward population that have resulted in the India’s failure to attain a total success in the DTP vaccination program.

He adds that the Indian authorities should constitute a special framework to achieve the ambitious target of universal immunisation coverage.


Vignesh. S. G

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