India to complete its road infrastructure project along Indo-China border by 2022

The concerned authorities have asserted that India would complete its road infrastructure project in the strategic locations near the Indo-China border region within the short timeframe of three years.

At present, nearly 61 crucial infrastructural projects in the strategic locations near the Indo-China border are pending. These projects are very important as these are meant to increase the connectivity between the Indian army and the Indian border security forces –the Indian forces deployed in the border regions that connect India with China.

The vital announcement has come just few days before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaches Arunachal Pradesh to lay the foundation stone of a tunnel erected to reduce travelling time to Tawang, the most important strategic point located close to the India-china border situated in the northern region of India.

The developments indicate that India is very keen to increase its security installations in the regions close to the Indo-China border.

It seems that China is now seen as a much more serious threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India than Pakistan.

Is this the indication of a strategic shift in the India’s defence policy?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright