Italian athlete faces the heat of racial hatred in her home country

Renowned Italian athlete Daisy Osakue has faced the heat of racial hatred or racial violence in her home country. An Italian national media has reported that an egg was thrown at the International discus-throw player while she was walking towards her home in the night time.

The athlete has said that it was a racially motivated attack. She has added that she was worried about the rapid increase of racial attacks in the country.

She is the daughter of the Nigerian couple, which migrated to Italy several decades before. She is an internationally acclaimed athlete. She has secured some amazing victories in the International championships in the under 25 category and in the other categories.

Meanwhile, the Italian internal minister, Matteo Salvini, who is the member of anti-immigrant party, has invited the criticism of several people as he has attempted to dismiss the incident as irrelevant saying that he was more concerned about the illegal immigration issues than the racial tension issues.

The ruling anti-immigration, rightwing, regime has alleged that the opposition parties, particularly the leftists, were trying to trigger the racial sentiment in the country.


Vignesh. S. G

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