Italy shows willingness to reach compromise with EU on the budget issue

The Italian government has showed willingness to reach compromise with the European Union over the issue of Italian budget, easing tension between the two.

Earlier, Italy’s populist government announced a high-spending budget, going back from its commitment to maintain a comfortable deficit level. Later, it disagreed to listen to the plea made by the European Union that Italy should relook its financial policy and rewrite its budget.

Those measures taken by the populist Italy irritated many. At a point, there were speculations that the Italian government would be fined for its irresponsible actions.

With no faction willing to surrender, the Europe was at the edge of a political explosion.

However, the situation has changed suddenly. It is learned that it is the timely interference of the European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, that have helped to reach the peaceful state the world now witnesses.

A senior minister of Italy close to the ruling faction has recently said that his country is willing to make some compromises to address the concerns of the European Union over its budget.

Many pro-Europeans have welcomed the statement made by the Italian leader.

Undoubtedly, neither EU nor Italy considers this as a right time to strain its decades old tie with each other.




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