J & J aware of the presence of asbestos in its popular product for decades

World renowned conglomerate J & J was well aware of the presence of asbestos in small amount in its popular product J & J powder for decades.

It is the most trusted International news agency Reuters that has brought this vital information out. It is the documents the news agency has accessed from the company that have helped them to bring out this important information. The documents reveal that the issue of the presence of asbestos (one of the dangerous carcinogens) was discussed internally among the company’s staffs and researchers.

Meanwhile, when contacted by the agency, the J & J has rejected the findings of the agency. It has asserted that the reports that the company was aware of the presence of asbestos in its baby powder for decades were false. It has confidently informed the media personals that their products were good to use.

It was a lady, who desperately tried to find out why she suffered cancer, initially reached the surprising conclusion that it was her dearest powder she used herself and massaged over her babies that caused her this deadly disease.

Notably, most of the cases filed against the company by the lady and many like this lady have failed to succeed. Interestingly, many laboratory reports still favour the company, and assert that the product is good for daily use. People are still confused on whose version they should believe. It is the duty of government to clear the dark clouds around this.



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