Japan’s aging population: A brief overview

The biggest issue the Asian country of Japan is now facing is its aging population. The average life expectancy of Japan is as high as 80. The aging popular exerts enormous pressure over its health care system. The country knows very well that it is impractical to offer the service of hospitals to its entire old population. At the same time, it is also well aware that its older population cannot be denied the service of its health care system. It is to address this situation that the country promotes the policy of home-based treatment.

Earlier, this policy was not popular among the older population. The problem was at the preliminary stage the advocates failed to convince the population that the quality of the service would not be compromised.

Now, the things are slowing changing. It is a progressive development. The development may considerably reduce the rising pressure over the Japanese medical system.

The policy ensures that every patient gets the service of medical officer whenever he/she feels he/she needs that. It is the elders who will benefit more from this policy than the youngsters.

It is said that the Japanese government is planning to introduce another policy soon to educate their youngsters the necessity to remain health conscious and the importance of cultivating healthy habits.

The US, Germany, Italy and South Korea are the other countries where the issue of aging population is in their respective tables for their immediate consideration. These countries shall follow the path of Japan if they want to see any result in the ground.


Vignesh. S. G

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