JD(S), it seems, unhappy with the inability of opposition to find common ground

There are reports that the JD(S) is not happy with the inability of the opposition to forget their differences for the general good of the, so called, democratic camp of the nation. In an interview published in a leading national daily, former Prime Minister and JD(S) leader H D Deve Gowda has expressed his unhappiness over the inability of the opposition to find a common ground against the NDA. The leader, unlike many opposition leaders, has not criticised the Congress Party alone. He has observed that the mistakes were with other opposition parties also. He has opined that all opposition parties should be ready to sacrifice for the creation of the common ground. He has indirectly indicated that it was unfair to force the Congress alone to suffer all burdens of the opposition union.

Interestingly, the former PM has welcomed the entry of Priyanka Gandhi into the Indian political hemisphere. He has observed that her resemblance to her Grand Mother Indira Gandhi –the most powerful political leader India has ever witnessed- would help the Congress Party to win back its lost faith.

Anyway, his statement is capable to bring to rest all speculations that the JD(S) would severe its tie with the Congress ahead of the General Election if it gets less number of seats than what its expects it would get.

Will all opposition leaders pay heed to the veteran leader’s advice?


Vignesh. S. G

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