Kamala Harris quits her presidential bid

Senior US senator Kamala Harris, who was one of the frontrunners in the race to become the presidential candidate of Democrats, has ditched her dream to arrive first in the race.

Her exit is the most dramatic exist that has happened in the recent history. The exit has dissatisfied many.

She has cited her inability to amass the required fund to continue her race as the reason for her exit.

Ms. Kamala had many advantages. Had she continued her race, she could have given an excellent performance.

Not many are satisfied with the explanation given by her to her untimely exist. Many suspect Ms. Kamala has some other strong reason to tell but is hiding for the sake of the party.

It is unfortunate that a powerful candidate has departed the election stage for the want of funding.

If it is observed closely, it can be seen that her campaign has lost some of its strong funders in the recent past.

The loss is less likely to be accidental. That reason should be brought to public as soon as possible.

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