Karnataka political executive set to expand today

The two member political executive of the South Indian state of Karnataka, in which an unusual partnership between the Congress and JD(S) happened to stop the triumph of the BJP after the occurrence of an inconclusive assembly election result, is set to expand by appointing more members as ministers.

The agreement reached between the grand old party and the state’s powerful regional party recognises around twenty-two ministerial claims of the congress and twelve ministerial claims of the JD(S).

Notably, both political parties are unlikely to completely fill the vacant seats in which they have genuine claims as they are well aware that they need some vacant seats at their hand ready to be filled in order to contain the potential dissent move which is likely to arise from the ministerial position distribution.

As per a latest media report, the new ministers will take oath at the Raj Bhavan today after 2 pm. At this moment, it is not clear who all will take oath as ministers today.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the JD(S) has agreed to give up their controversial claim for the energy ministry.

Earlier, a political tug-of-war emerged between the new coalition partners of the Karnataka government during the process of the discussion over the ministerial portfolio discussion.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright