Kashmiri students flee Uttarakhand

A large number of Kashmiri students in various collages in the Indian state of Uttarakhand have fled the northern state as many hostels in the state have been allegedly threatened to evict the J & K students by some right wing extremist groups.

A national daily reports that as many as three hundred students have fled to Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir due to the threat in the recent days.

The J & K government has admitted that they have received numerous distress calls from their students in Uttarakhand. The authorities have requested the students and their families to stay calm. They have assured them that everything has been done to ensure the safety of Kashmiri students. To help their students, the state government has appointed liaison officials in nearly six locations in the country.

Those who try to create panic should be brought before law, and should be punished severely. Alienating Kashmir people will make it easier for those, who try to destroy the invincible bond the state of J & K shares with the rest of the country, find success in their task.

The central government should intervene in the issue, and should make sure that no a single J & K student is evicted from his/her respective hostel because of the threat posed by any group –right or left.


Vignesh. S. G

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