Kerala Film Industry: WCC’s ongoing battle with AMMA enters crucial phase

The Women in Cinema Collective, the organisation of the women working in the male-dominated film industry of the South Indian state of Kerala which is formed to create a platform for the woman artists and technicians who are unhappy with the present system prevailing in the industry, has been fighting vehemently with the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes, the powerful organisation of the Malayalam movie artists which, as per the WCC’s opinion, adherently follows the condemnable system that the industry has been nourishing for several generations.

It was the sexual abuse of a Malayalam actress which acted as a wake-up call to the actresses who possess the will to fight against injustice organise against the system protected by the AMMA. It was the first pace of a revolution.

In the second phase, some of the WCC members even dared to resign from the AMMA in support of the sexually abused artist who ditched the AMMA membership as she felt betrayed as the organisation showed same concern to both the victim and perpetrator, who is also a member of the organisation.

It seems that the third phase of the revolution has begun. Lately, the WCC members have come openly against the AMMA leadership and their decision to reinstate the membership of the perpetrator, which was briefly suspended after he was booked in connection with the sexual abuse case.

Will the revolution help to revamp the system?



Vignesh. S. G

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