Kerala Govt set to amend ‘Shops and Establishment Act’ to ensure proper working condition for women employees

Indirectly conceding the fact that something need to be done urgently to improve the working conditions of women employees in the retail outlets located in the state in order to make sure that their right to fair working condition are not neglected by their employers, the Kerala cabinet has decided to amend the ‘Shops and Establishment’ act in a way that the law contains all those factors necessary to improve the working conditions of women in shops.

The laudable fact is that the new law confronts the serious issue of improper working conditions rightly from its root. Those experts envisaged the change, it seems, have clear ideas what are those changes which could bring an immediate improvement in the working condition of woman employees in shops.

The prime example of this is how it addresses the issues of textile shops. The new law clearly directs that the employees working in the textiles ships in the state should be provided with chairs.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are several appreciable provisions in the proposed amendment. The law also stipulates that employees should be granted a day off every week. Moreover, it also redefines the term ‘employee’ in order to make sure that even those employees appointed in the shops through the controversial outsourcing method get the benefits of the new law.

What do you think about this progressive law?


Vignesh. S. G

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