Kerala Rain: Death toll crosses 164; Indian Supremo likely to reach the state today

The South Indian state of Kerala has been battered by an uncompromising rainfall, kind of the one the state has never experienced in its recent history.

As many as 164 people have been killed in various rain-related incidents across the state –last day alone, the state lost at least 91 innocent lives.

The authorities are doing their best to safeguard the life of the people who are in the affected regions. A huge team of National Disaster Response Force, Indian Army, Navy and Air Force are at present in the affected areas to help the people.

The central and state government have offered all their possible support and are closely monitoring the developments.

A weather condition of the state is slowly improving. By Sunday, the state is expected to fully or at least partially recover from the bad weather condition which has brought this uncompromising rainfall to this land.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is scheduled to visit the state later Today. He is expected to visit several flood affected regions. The presence of the PM in the state is likely to give an additional energy to the rescue operations.

What we, Keralities, must learn from this natural disaster?


Vignesh. S. G

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