Leftist legislator invites serious criticism for her sartorial stand

A leftist legislator of the Quebec provisional legislator, Catherine Dorion, has invited serious criticism as she has chosen to enter the legislative house wearing a sweatshirt.

She has been forced to leave the house, as she has been opposed by some of his colleagues.

Actually, there is no formal dress code in the house. But, there is a guideline which tells the legislators to wear only those clothes that do not challenge the decorum of the house.

It is not the first time the members of Ms. Dorion’s party has challenged the guideline which detects what the legislators should wear and what should not.

Several times, the members of the party have entered the house wearing the clothes similar to the one which has invited criticism this time.

This time, unlike the previous occasions, the speaker has taken a tough stand against the violators.

The speaker has advised the house to wear those clothes which does not violate the existing guideline, until a new agreement is reached in this topic.

The social media platforms have witnessed tough word exchange between those who support the lawmaker and those who are against the view of the lawmaker in the issue.

What a politician should wear is now a very sensitive question.

The main argument Ms. Catherine raises is that she is a member of the common public of the country so wants to follow the dressing style of the common people.

She triggers a serious question towards the society whether a politician who is supposed to work with the poorest of the poor in a society should be forced to maintain a separate dress code which districts him from the rest of the people in the society.

She thinks the dress code suggested by the guideline makes her look like a member of the elite political class of the country. And, she feels she does not what to look like that.

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