Leftists unhappy with PM attitude towards their popular leader

The leftists from the southernmost state of Kerala, it seems, are unhappy with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attitude towards Kerala Chief Minister and popular leftist leader Pinarayi Vijayan.

Several leftist leaders from the South Indian state have come forward with the allegation that the central government is showing step-motherly attitude towards the state government.

They have questioned why the Indian supremo has shown no interest to meet the Kerala Chief Minister. Some have even claimed that the central government has breached the important constitutional directive regarding the central-state relation that the centre and state must maintain a cordial relationship wits th each other.

The incident which triggered the leftist-rightist stand-off happened last day. The Kerala CM, who was at the national capital as part of his official visit, expressed his interest to meet the Indian Supremo to discuss the state’s development issues. He was supposed to express his state’s concern that the central government was not properly meeting the requirements of the state. But, the PMO denied the request for the meeting, tactically avoiding such an embarrassment.

Meanwhile, a prominent rightist leader from the state has opined that the Kerala CM could have met the concerned ministry instead of approaching the PMO directly. He has asserted that the incident was not an example of the disrespect, but the example of the respect and confidence the PM has in his minsters.

Is the complicated state of centre-state standoff good for the prosperity of our democracy?


Vignesh. S. G

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