Lula not to participate in upcoming Brazil election

The Brazilian leftist Workers’ Party has suffered a serious blow ahead of the most crucial election in the history of this Latin American country of Brazil, as the court, which has considered whether former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who has been languishing in the country’s prison on the charges of corruption, be allowed to contest in the upcoming general election, has ruled against the interest of those who want to see the populist leader as a promising presidential candidate in the election.

Evidently, the court’s decision has confused the leadership of the Workers’ Party. Notably, though the order has confused the party leadership, they have brilliantly come up with a plan to conceal their confusion. The decision to find an equally powerful personality to replace their charismatic leader is that plan. That is how the ball has gone straight into the hands of Fernando Haddad.

The unfortunate fact is that Mr Haddad is not likely to receive as much as support that Mr Lula enjoys. Even after Mr Lula has openly supported Mr Haddad, many still believe that some wonders would happen in the last minute in a way that helps their beloved leader to contest in the election –the fact is that the possibility of such a wonder is far less that feeble.


Vignesh. S. G

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