Maldivian opposition seeks foreign assistance to pave way for smooth power transfer

Irritating China, which has managed to bring Maldives under its indirect control through debit-diplomacy, and bringing happiness to India, which is trying to save the archipelago from the clutches of the communist country and is trying to regain its influence in the island, the Maldivian president, Abdulla Yameen, has been defeated by a candidate supported by the entire Maldivian opposition as well as the world largest democratic country, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Clearly indicating that the opposition is in no mood to tolerate the pro-Chinese incumbent any more, a senior opposition leader has requested the intervention of the foreign forces to pave way for a smooth power transfer.

Experts say that China would try their best to retain their influence over the island. They add that it is important at this stage for India to articulate a feasible formula to counter the strategies the communist country is likely to try to retain their influence in the land.

It is clear that at present India does not have any such counter strategies. Maldives is a member of SAARC. Each and every SAARC country is very important for India. China’s attempt to influence the SAARC countries is viewed by India in a doubtful manner.



Vignesh. S. G

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