Man confesses to murdering US scientist Suzanne Eaton

Suzanne Eaton murder (2)

A 27-year-old local man of Greece has been arrested for the murder of Suzanne Eaton, an American scientist.

Suzanne Eaton was a 59-year-old molecular biologist who had worked for the world-renowned Max Planck Institute.

Greek medias reported that the man has already confessed to killing Suzanne.

According to the reports, Suzanne was found missing on 2 July after going on a run. This has been reported by her friends. 6 days later, her body was found inside a World War Two bunker.

The body was found around 60 meters (nearly 200 feet) inside the cave, beneath an air shaft which was covered by a large wooden pallet.

Police believes that the body has been dumped inside the cave, since it was found face down.

Suzanne was attending a conference at the Orthodox Academy in the island.

The police statements that came later shows that she had been asphyxiated, with an intention of “sexual abuse”.

Report said that the suspect is a married man having two children.

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