Mario Cerciello Rega: US teen accused of officer’s killing ‘illegally blindfolded’

news Mario Cerciello Rega

The photo of a blindfolded American teen, who is accused of killing an officer in Rome has been leaked recently, on which the Italian police are investigating.

An Italian media revealed the photo of the murder suspect Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth (18), on Sunday.

The boy, along with his friend Finnegan Lee Elder (19) were arrested on Friday, suspected for killing a police officer named Mario Cerciello Rega.

Reports said that Mario Cerciello Rega (35) was stabbed to death in the Prati neighbourhood of Rome.

The Rome Provincial Cmdr. Francesco Gargaro told media that the teen was blindfolded “for a very few minutes, four or five” just before he taken to the interrogation in a police station about the fatal stabbing, on Friday.

The teens allegedly attacked the officer with a knife eight times, after he investigated a drug deal gone wrong involving the teen suspects.

The murdered police officer Mario Cerciello Rega, had been reportedly returned to duty on the Carabinieri paramilitary police force after a honeymoon, recently.

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