May wins confidence of her party men

British Prime Minister Theresa May has turned the non-confidence motion moved against her in favour of her with the support of more than 200 colleagues, and, thus, saved her position as the UK PM.

The victory makes her position as the PM more powerful, as the victory means she cannot be challenged like this until the next year. It is also preserved as the victory of the Brexit deal she has reached with her European counterparts.

Meanwhile, the result of the non-confidence motion clearly indicates she will not be encouraged to lead the party for the next election in the country. Actually, it is believed that she has already identified that reality; it is the rationale behind her recent declaration that she would not lead the party in the next election.

Anyway, from the recent developments, it remains crystal clear that she is very eager to cool down her opponents.

She has already headed towards the EU to bring to their notice certain areas of the Brexit deal that worries most of her opponents.

It is said that it is the Ireland issue that has promoted her party colleagues to initiate the non-confidence motion.

It is suspected that she is in an attempt to regain her popularity among her party men.


Vignesh. S. G

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