Mayawati most ideal candidate for Third Front’s PM candidature: Expert

As the assumption that the solution to the problems our country is facing at this moment cannot be found if the citizens continue to look through the neo-liberal and neo-imperialist prisms has gained a serious impetus among the youth population of the country, who is eager to witness a concrete change, the pressure over the third front to come up with a entirely different ideological prism for the people to look through for a bring future has increased several folds.

At present, the potential third front has nothing to project. They are divided and confused. It is high time to settle all confusions and present a face for their movement –their PM candidate for the upcoming General Election.

In an article published in the popular political magazine Mainstream, Socialist Party (India) President Dr Prem Singh has noted that former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati would be one of the most ideal national political leaders for the third front’s PM candidature. He has justified his statement by saying that the Dalit leader’s party BSP has a powerful network across the country and has the potential to attract almost all oppressed and marginalised. He has also pointed out that her party, at least in its papers, possesses an anti-neo-liberal and anti-neo-imperialist perspective.

The expert has indirectly mentioned that if the third front, with the anti-neo-imperialist BSP as an important face, manages to defeat the ruling, there is a huge chance for us to contain the triumph of the neo-imperialists.

For this to happen, at first, a consensus should be reached between those parties in the third front which stand for the marginalised, depressed, unemployed, students, women, children, poor and minorities.

Let’s give a chance to powerful Women Dalit Leader. How does this argument sound? Acceptable or Unacceptable!!!


Vignesh. S. G

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