Mental health and the stigma associated with this disease

Mental disease is one of the serious problems that the world is facing that this moment. Many researchers and studies have been conducted in this subject, and several laws have been created to help the affected. Nonetheless, no significant difference has been made on how the world views a mental patient. Actually, that is where an urgent difference is needed. Don’t you think so?

A mental patient often suffers the heat of stigmatisation. The tag of social sigma has an cruel character. Once it is put on a person, it will not leave him. Though the majority of the mental diseases are curable and most of these diseases have less chance to reappear in the patient who has recovered from it once, most societies generally do not accept this reality. Don’t you think it as unfair?

A change is needed. But, it may not come abruptly. Governments, societies, families and even individuals should do their part sincerely to eliminate the evil of stigmatisation.

Mental health is not different from any other disease. The only difference, if any, is that it is treated by psychologists. Many of them are far less complicated than the diseases that societies consider as normal.

Say No to Stigmatisation of Mental Patients!!!



Vignesh. S. G

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