#MeToo: Editors Guild to request lawyers to represent victims pro bono

The Editors Guild, the association of those respected journalists who hold high position in the media industry,  is expected to request the lawyers to represent the women, who has shown courage to publically disclose the sexual harassment they have undergone to empower the women to speak against the condemnable culture of sexual harassment, pro bono if those exposed by the campaign, such as recently resigned union minister M J Akbar –one of the former presidents of the journalist association, decide to use the controversial legal instrument of defamation against the victims.

The association has indirectly reminded the former journalist that he had a moral obligation as a journalist to abstain from using that instrument as the journalist community was the biggest opponent of the defamation law.

So far, over fifteen women, mostly journalists, have come out publically against the journalist-turned-minister.

The journalist association has appreciated the extra-ordinary courage shown by the journalists to expose their abuser.

Mr Akbar is the latest expose of the #MeToo campaign which reached the country through the corridors of film industry.

This campaign is the most powerful campaign ever triggered in the world to contain the practice of sexual harassment in work place.

Stop Sexual Harassment!



Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright