MP Elections: BSP demands big from Congress

In the poll-bound state of Madhya Pradesh, the political campaigns and backdoor discussions are the most common political activities happening in it at this juncture of time.

The most crucial backdoor discussion is the one convened by the Grand Old Party for the most powerful Dalit party in the state.

A political alliance of the Congress and BSP, if formed, is likely to give a tough competition to the ruling BJP in the state, and even has the potential to defeat the Saffron party in the election.

But, the latest political developments prove that the Congress may have to suffer huge losses for the formation of the winnable alliance between the Congress and BSP as the Dalit party is very keen to get maximum benefit from the deal and are less willing to make any compromises for the sack of victory or for the sack of the anti-BJP alliance.

The BSP, the party which has four legislatures and little over six per cent vote share in the state, has demanded the assurance of at least fifty seats, including the SC/ST reservation seats, from the congress in return their willingness to join the alliance.

Already several Congress leaders have come forward to reject the idea of creating a pre-poll political alliance with the BSP. Many of them are of the opinion that the mood of the state is favourable for the regime change and, thus, for the Congress. Some opine that if it is necessary the party can negotiate a post-poll alliance once the result is out.

A survey finds that the BSP vote is likely to play a crucial role in at least 30 seats. It is important to remember that the Dalit party, in the previous election, came second in at least twelve seats, in addition to winning those four seats, and secured an impressive level of vote share in many continuances across the state.

Can the Grand Old Party convince their regional leaders about the aforesaid realties?


The state is set to witness the election on 28 November, 2018. 



Vignesh. S. G

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