MP Minister demands a separate ministry for cows

Cow vigilantism is a well known agenda of rightists. Here, a minister in the Madhya Pradesh has gone a step further in this subject. Self styled godman-turned-politician Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri, who was recently appointed as the Cabinet Minister of the BJP led MP government, has demanded the creation of a separate ministry for cows.

The Chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Cow Protection Board (the aforesaid minister) has said that the board was not enough to take care of the needs of this sector and resolve the issues concerning this sector.

He has added that the fund earmarked for the functioning of the board was very low and it was very difficult for the board to function properly with such a low fund. He has also pointed out that the board had only limited powers and it made the board ineffective in most situations.

Demanding the formation of the new ministry, the minister has said that a considerable amount of money should be earmarked from the fund allocated to the MGNREGA programme to run the ministry and its programmes.

The minister has claimed that the new ministry and its programs would create several job opportunities across the state and would help the researchers doing research on the wellbeing of cow.

What? Do we really need such a ministry?


Vignesh. S. G

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