Myanmar to open its gates for Rohingyas, but Minority Community still confused

The Rohingya Muslim community has not yet responded positively to Myanmar, which has offered to take back the members of the minority community displaced to Bangladesh due to the violence broken out in the Rakhine state.

Most of the displaced fear that they might face the same fate they suffered recently if they return to their homeland.

At present, there are approximately ten lakh Rohingya refugees in Myanmar. In the initial phase, the Myanmar government is expected to take back nearly two thousand refugees. At this moment, it remains unclear how many refugees will be taken back by Myanmar in total.

The refugees may have to undergo several tough screening procedures in Myanmar. The refugees who return to Myanmar will be placed in reception centres in order to complete the registration process and to grand the National Verification Card. After that, they will be placed in model camps. Only after these two procedures, they will be allowed to settle in the land of their birth.

Many refugees are not happy with this idea. They demand that the Myanmar government must grant minority status to their community and they must grand citizenship instead of the NVC.

What are those things Myanmar needs to assure if they are sincere about their repatriation efforts?



Vignesh. S. G

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