Nambi Narayanan’s relentless war for justice brings him pride he deserves

Today is a big day for Nambi Narayanan. The old scientist has been served justice for which he has been fighting since the day he was pulled out mercilessly from the important position he held in the India’s top space research organisation ISRO.  

Today, the top court of our country Supreme Court has appointed a judicial committee headed by a retired justice to investigate the miserable experiences the reputed scientist undergone due to the ISRO spy case –the case which was found to be fake- at the hand of the police authorities and intelligence authorities.

The apex court has also ordered to award a huge compensation of Rs. 50 lakh Indian Rupees for the mental cruelty that the brilliant scientist, who had expertise and experience to emerge as a top scientist in his organisation he worked, suffered all these years.

Now, the scientist has been served justice. But, who will compensate and how will compensate the damage the fake ISRO case caused in the pace of growth of our country’s one and only space research organisation?

It is said that had the scientist and some of his colleagues not been arrested, some significant achievements the country has achieved recently, particularly with the help of cryogenics technology, would have been achieved at least twenty years before. Who will compensate that loss?

Mr Narayanan –one of the experts the country had in the field of cryogenics- and his colleagues were said to be in a research over the applicability of this technology in the field of space research, at the time he and his colleagues were arrested.

The fake case of ISRO spy scandal is the perfect example on to how disastrous it is if politicians and bureaucrats join hands for selfish gains.

It is high to show red cards to those politicians and bureaucrats who strive to form evil nexuses for selfish gains.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright