Nearly 152 priests suspended in past nine years for sexual abuses against minors in Mexico, reveals Archbishop

The Mexican Archbishop has revealed for the first time that as many as 154 priests have been suspended in the past nine years in the country’s catholic community over the charges of sexual abuse against minors.

The revelation made by the Mexican Archbishop is very serious in nature, given the fact that the catholic community of Mexico is the second largest catholic community in the world.

The revelation has come at the time the Pope is preparing to invite the catholic bishops from across the world to discuss the measures to overcome the issue of sexual harassment.

Days before, Pope Francis admitted that the issue of sexual harassment was a serious problem. He asserted that the community would show zero tolerance towards the issue.

His statement received mixed responses. When some appreciated the courage shown by the Pope to address the long-standing issue, many others demanded that the action should reach the ground.

The global catholic community is at present in a serious trouble. Its initial hesitation to address the issue of sexual harassment is what that has brought the community to this stage.

It is hoped that in the coming days the catholic community will come up with a feasible solution to the issue.



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