Negligence of TN government hospital staffs helps enter HIV virus into pregnant woman’s blood

The negligence of some staffs of a Tamil Nadu government hospital has helped the deadly HIV virus enter into the blood of a pregnant woman.

The virus has entered in the blood of the woman, when she has been treated for anaemia. It is the blood transfusion done as a part of the treatment that has helped the virus to enter into the body of patent.

It is the investigation of a group of medial officers that has unearthed the mystery. It is said the donor was not aware of his medical condition when he donated the blood. It is learned that he was the one who alerted the medical officials about the issue. It is informed to the media that he came to know about his status only after he conducted a medical check up as a part of his effort to find a job abroad.

As per the preliminary assumption of the investigators, it is the mistake of those who collected the blood from the donor.

As per a report, several medical staffs have been suspended in connection with the issue. The developments indicate that the authorities are very serious about the issue and are very particular that such incident does not repeat in future.


Vignesh. S. G

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