New surgery gifts paralysed hockey player new life

A new surgical experiment has gifted a new life to a paralysed ice hockey player, Humboldt Broncos.

The surgery has enabled him to move his legs. The video which shows the recovery has gone viral in the social media platform.

It was a bus accident which overturned the life of the young man. The bus, in which he and his fellow hockey players were travelling, collided with a truck. The accident was too terrific that many of his fellow players even failed to reach up to the hospital alive. The rest sustained severe injuries, like Mr. Broncos.

The recovering ice hockey player owes his new life to the people of Canada. His people have stood with him strongly. They have helped him to amass huge amount to continue his treatment.

The latest surgery has brought huge improvement to the health of the aforesaid ice hockey player.

The story of the ice hockey player may be an inspiration to many like him. It is hoped that the player will return to the game in the near future itself.

Many of his fans have shared similar comments in the social media platforms, through which his recovering video has been shared.

There is nothing called end. Every end is the entry point of a new beginning.

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