Newlywed wife saves husband from volcano fall during honeymoon in Caribbean island

europe times

A newlywed wife rescues her husband from a dangerous volcano fall, in the Caribbean island of St Kitts, during their honeymoon.

Clay Chastain, who got fractured his skull during the volcano fall is recovering in a US hospital. It was the courage and love of his wife Acaimie, that helped him to get back to his life.

Acaimie climbed down to reach him and helped drag him out. She overcame her fear of heights and bodily fluids to save his life.

The couple hiked for two miles (3.2km) to the mountain’s base. He said that he leaned against her, vomiting and in pain, during the incident.

“We were literally completely alone. And we’re just so, so thankful to everyone back home. All the support we’ve received has been so overwhelming”, said Acaimie about the accident.

“She’s absolutely incredible”, Chastain praised his wife, after he was flown to Florida. To the media, he said, “Her being able to carry me all the way down a volcano when I can barely stand up is amazing and it’s definitely nothing short of a miracle”.

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