Nigeria postpones its presidential and parliamentary elections

Unprecedentedly, Nigeria has postponed its presidential and parliamentary elections, which are supposed to take place today.

The announcement regarding the Nigerian Election Commission’s decision to postpone the election has come hours before the time scheduled for the commencement of the elections.

Notably, the Election Commission has not explained specifically why it has decided to postpone the election in the manner it has done now.

Many voters have expressed their dissatisfaction about the decision. Most of those unhappy with the decision have been those who have travelled hundreds of kilometres to express their right to vote.

Nigeria is the most populous country in the African continent. It is rich in terms of its mineral wealth. The stability of this country is important for the stability of the continent.

The new date of the elections is February 23. It is hoped that there will be no change in that date.

The West is closely watching the development of the country. The Nigerian EC’s decision to postpone the election is definitely going to force the West to put a close eye on each and every development in the country in connection with the elections.


Vignesh. S. G

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