Nikki reveals White House top officials work against Trump

A former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has levelled a serious allegation against two top White House officials.

She said that she was forced to undermine US President Donald Trump by John Kelly, who is a former Chief of Staff, and Rex Tillerson, who is a former Secretary of State.

The big exposure has been made through a book she has released recently.

Earlier, Mr. Trump appreciated Ms. Nikki for the book through his social media handle.

At this moment, it is not clear whether he was aware about the big revelation beforehand.

The President has not yet officially responded about the revelation made by his former US ambassador to the UN.

Anyway, Mr. Tillerson has declined to respond about the comment. At the same time, Mr. Kelly has categorically denounced the allegation made against him by Ms. Nikki.

He said his only intention was to help the President to take informed decisions.

He added that if explaining every pros and cons of the decisions he would take was stalling he did that.

There is no doubt that the revelation that has come just a few months ahead of the crucial presidential election will be used by the Republicans to create a feeling in the society in favour of their presidential candidate (that is, Mr. Trump).

For the last few days, Mr. Trump has been under serious pressure. He has suffered serious backlash in the Ukraine issue, internally. And, he has faced serious setback in the Syrian issue, internationally.

What the revelation of Ms. Nikki has given is a platform to stay afloat in the turbulent river of crises.

Considering the character of the allegation and the time that has been chosen to make the allegation, the credibility of the allegation may be questioned the politicians, especially by the Democrats.

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