No bail to arrested Bishop

The top court of the state has rejected the bail application of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who was arrested on a serious charge of rape.

In the bail application, the accused has argued that the case against him was fabricated by the victim, who was removed from a powerful position by him.

He has also claimed that the police already questioned him for several hours before and after his arrest as a part of their investigation.

It seems that the court has paid heed to the police’s argument than the accused person’s argument during the hearing of the bail petition.

The police have opposed the bail petition citing indirectly that the bail would hinder the investigation, which is at present in a very crucial stage.

Given the fact that it is one of the serious sexual abuse cases raised against an acting bishop in the history of the state, the court is likely to monitor each and every developments in the case seriously in order to avoid the illicit involvement of any powerful third party aimed at derailing the actual course of the journey of this case.

The victim in the complaint alleged that the accused sexually abused her more than fourteen times since the year 2014 to the year 2016.

It is the daring protest of a group of nuns defying the directives of an association of Bishops is the prime element that has strengthened the police officials to move ahead with the investigation without the interference of the powerful third parties such as politicians.

The most interesting development in this case is that though a section of senior Bishops have rejected the protest of the nuns and the case charged against the accused bishop, a senior bishop has come forward to support the nuns who dared to stand with the victim.

A continuous and persistent support mechanism is needed for the victory of such courageous movements. Don’t you think so?



Vignesh. S. G

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