NSSO chief Edward Gallagher likely to be ousted

Edward Gallagher, the infamous Navy Seal who is the chief of Navy Seal Special Operations, is likely to be ousted in the near future.

He was accused of war crimes. But, last week, US President Donald Trump cleared all major charges registered against him. The action was taken even though the President was advised not to let the Navy Seal go scot free.

Anyway, he was convicted of a lesser charge of posing with the corpses of IS militants. The main change against him that he stabbed an unarmed teenager to death was cancelled by the President.

At this moment, it remains unclear why the President has acted against the advice of his defence advisors.

Many have criticised the decision taken by the President of the United States.

The President of the world’s most powerful country has certain special powers.

Unlike many others, his country allows him to take decisions on certain sensitive matters like war crimes.

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