NSUI leader resigns following charges of sexual harassment

The student wing of the Grand Old Party, the National Students Union of India, has lost one of its leaders to the courage of a lady to point her finger fearlessly at her predator.

At this moment, it is not clear whether the victim is a member of the Congress party or any of its junior organisations or not.

The latest incident is the latest among those incidents which have been badly affected the strength of the student organisation.

The NSUI is one of the most powerful student organisations in the country. It is one of the organisations which are capable to offer a platform to all thoughts.

Those leading the organisation must make sure that such incidents do not affect the party anymore.

The sad reality is that the lack of capable leaders and vision has been eroding the calibre of the party for last few years. Actually, the present state of the organisation which has gifted several powerful leaders to the democratic political system of the country is less impressive.

It is to be noted that unlike many political organisations the congress party has a special space in the heart of our country. For that reason, the future of this student organisation which is affiliated to the old party is not dim. But, until and unless it finds a way to shine by its own, it never appears bring to those still sceptical about the organisation’s future.

Anyway, one thing is worth appreciable. The organisation, as per a latest report, has constituted a committee to investigate the allegation.

If it is a true fact-finding committing, it is a good beginning.


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