Ola’s licence in Bengaluru suspended for six months

The Karnataka transport department has waived the licence of taxi aggregator Ola and required immediate stoppage of its services in Bengaluru. The action follows the illegal operation of bike taxis by the company.

The order declared by the department on March 18 states that the licence issued to Ani Technologies Private Limited, Ola cabs Bangalore, under the terms of provisions of The Karnataka on Demand Transport Technology Aggregators Rules, 2016 has been adjourned for a period of six months.

‘The Department has issued a licence to Ola only to run mobile app based taxis (motor cabs) in the city. But they were found illegally working bike taxis. It is an obvious violation of the aggregator’s riles.

Ola was also instructed to surrender the licence to the authority concerned within three days of obtaining the order copy.