One in five Indian children is under-weight: Study

The condition of under-weight is a serious health problem. It can be due to various causes including severe malnutrition. Though people belong to all age group are susceptible to this health issue, those under the age of five are highly vulnerable to this issue. For that reason, several International health organisations, including the World Health Organisation, prescribe some vital guidelines necessary to protect the ‘vulnerables’, particularly vulnerable children, from this disease condition. Unfortunately, many countries fail to comply with these guidelines. It is alleged that India is one of those countries which come under the category of those countries that find success in their attempt to comply with the guidelines prescribed by the International health organisations.

The Global Hunger Index 2018 report says that one in five children in India is under-weight. Definitely, it is primarily the lack of nutritious diet that makes children susceptible to this disease condition. The best way to overcome this issue is the articulation of a policy to ensure the availability of nutritious diet to all children under the age of five.

Children are our future. There is nothing impotent than investing in the health and proper growth of children. If our children are healthy, then our future is bright.



Vignesh. S. G

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