Oppose the rise of ‘AI nationalism’, ask experts

AI is the most crucial technology the world is developing at this juncture. The US and China are the two top players in the challenging sector of Artificial Intelligence. Both of them have faced numerous criticisms already for the way they handle this precious, but dangerous, technology. It is when the Europe has come to the whole scene. Like all other powers which are either marching towards or standing in the super power position, the Europe has also been closely observing the developments happening in the sector since that technology’s birth. But, unlike the US and China, the Europeans have not shown a serious enthusiasm at the beginning. Now, it seems that the Europe is also planning to invest hugely in the sector in order to make sure that they are not pushed to the back by other two aggressive superpowers in their struggle for supremacy in the sector.

Meanwhile, some experts are of the opinion that the new crisis may evolve into the form of a severe AI war. As per their opinion, the disastrous practice of AI nationalism is in the stage of making at this moment and any time it can emerge as a huge issue.

That nationalism is the process of the protection of algorithms and data of one country from the accessible limits of the rest of the countries.

Actually, such a nationalism is dangerous than the actual nationalism. What is the best way to prevent the rise of ‘AI nationalism’?



Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright