Pak PM turns slight west for his first foreign visit as Supremo

Clearly indicating how the new Pakistan regime looks the world, the newly elected Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has chosen Saudi Arabia as the destination for his first foreign visit as the top most leader of the most-powerful Muslim-dominated country in the South Asia.

An International relations expert says that the new regime’s visit is aimed at sending a clear message to the world that the new regime targets to move more close to the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, particularly to Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Since the disintegration of the erstwhile Soviet Union, particularly since the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan has been giving more importance and attention to the interests of the Islamic world, particularly of the OIC (mainly of Saudi Arabia).

Pakistan’s attempt to woo the OIC can be viewed as this country’s attempt to overcome the difficulties created after the superpowers like the US and China opted to distance themselves from the country, which, they as well as many nations believe, breeds the evil of terrorism.

Anyway, in this short visit, the Pakistan Supremo will meet the leaders of Saudi Arabia, UAE and even OIC. Several ministers are accompanying the Pakistan PM in his visit.

The West, India, China and Russia, it seems, are likely to closely watch the developments happening as part of the Pakistan leader’s Arab Asian visit.

What message the Pak PM’s visit to Saudi gives to India?




Vignesh. S. G

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